Our range of services are designed to help you address various challenges and attain desired business goals. Learn more about our services and offerings below.

  • BI Consultants

  • Marketing-as-a-Service

  • Analytics-as-a-Service

  • Data Engineering

Dedicated Consulting Services

Our Consultants aim to develop a strong business relationship with you in order to understand your business and unique needs. They’ll combine this knowledge with your input to tailor a custom plan for you.


Guided Tour

Your Consultant will be your main point of contact and guide through the complexities of what’s available to you. They will uncover opportunities you may not be aware of and translate your unique needs/objectives to the data scientists, program managers and product developers that will create, activate, and execute.

Project Management

Know that you have multiple touch points within the BI team managing your projects and ensuring on-time and on-target execution.


Robust ROI

We provide the visibility you need. From beautiful pre-built dashboards to custom ad-hoc requests, we share in-depth insights from each project every step of the way.

Targeted Prospects

We help you identify the correct targets based on your criteria. Combined with our analytic capabilities, we focus on fewer stronger touches.


Contact Intelligence

Go deeper than knowing which companies to engage with. Our contact intelligence can profile the correct personas within a company to make sure the message is heard.

Marketing Automation

Customized marketing touches based on the messaging journey. Our tools allow us to customize content and cadence based on each target's response, maximizing impact.


Emerging Methods

Marketing vehicles get stale, our messaging does not. We are constantly expanding the mechanisms we communicate: from email to mobile to outcall to web-ads.

Market Basket Analysis

Understanding product and service relationships is essential to growing sales. We can validate hypothesis and help detect undiscovered insights to give our clients an edge.


Demand Generation

Opportunity is out there and we can help you identify and influence it. We augment our deep understanding of customers with digital signals to reach prospects at the right time.

Market Research

We can help you understand the market and consumer preferences. Combining our robust data as the world's largest distributor with survey research from our vast client base, we can provide unmatched insight.


Competitive Insight

Our team is the most creative out there - come to us with problems, distribution agnostic, and we will leverage our emerging technologies to find a data-driven approach to solve.

Data Integraton Services

Simplicity is key: we specialize in integration techniques to pass our insights to you in an actionable way.


Advanced Visualizations

Data is a story and we tell it with compelling visualizations that make numbers easy for anyone to understand, at a level of detail relevant to be actionable.

Mobile Development

We make information available where and when it's needed. Your business is on the move - take data and analytics with you.


Performance Tracking

Validate your investment. When you collaborate with Ingram's BI, we are transparent in the value our insights added.

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Strategic Partnerships

  • BI's In-House Applications


A scalable B2B pricing optimization engine that generates data-driven price setting, including the list or matrix price, as well as data-driven negotiation guidance for high transaction volume environment.



Integrated digital marketing platform that runs data-driven marketing campaigns to our customers and end customers.


A self-service reporting and data visualization tool, which integrates multiple data sources to create powerful analytics leading to decision-making.



Intelligence Trends is our premiere mobile app used to help you identify end users based on their search history.

Our Valued Partners

Global Business Intelligence & Analytics Center supports internal Ingram Micro teams, resellers, vendors and our solution provider partners.

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