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Project Overview

Out of a desire to drive increasingly data-driven marketing strategies, Honeywell began its partnership with Ingram Micro Global Business Intelligence & Analytics (GBIA) in early 2016.


Honeywell sought to intelligently target, convert, and recruit net new partners on a scale that would allow them to generate awareness for their brand, while delivering specific, action-oriented information.


Honeywell saw a fit in GBIA’s flagship program, Whitespace, an end-of-quarter email drip campaign that combines cross-sell dynamics and limited time special pricing to drive smart product recommendations to partners that have not purchased that type of product within the last 12 months.


By the completion of Honeywell’s campaign, the Whitespace program had generated a six-fold return on their investment, with all resulting revenues – diversely captured across 14 of their product categories – attributed to traditionally high-cost-to-acquire net new partners. This success prompted further program participation. Today, Honeywell leverages GBIA’s data-driven marketing solutions to continue to drive net new partner recruitment, cross selling, and install base partner loyalty.


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